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Wild Women Salons

Bringing together wild artists, makers and dreamers from around the world.

Creating change, one connection at a time. 

One world, one heart, one bliss...

  • When you bring people together in a space where play and creativity is invited, all manner of wonderful things can grow. By making connections with others, by sharing our ideas and inspirations, celebrating our courage and our challenges, and daring to reveal our hopes and dreams, we can build communities of change. Together, we can create a better world.
    Victoria Bennett
    Wild Women

The Troubadours of Divine Bliss

The Troubadours of Divine Bliss have been spreading musical love, compassion and kindness for 20 years now, and anyone who has seen the duo perform know just how contagious their spirit can be. Partners Aim Me Smiley and Renee Ananda formed the band shortly after they began dating, and they’ve enjoyed playing for audiences across the world, spreading their vibes of positivity and peace. In 2005, they came from Kentucky to be part of our Wild Women Salon. We have been dreaming and creating with them ever since. (Video features music by Troubadours of Divine Bliss, set to a poem from Victoria Bennett)

The Bookshop Band

The Bookshop Band (currently Beth Porter and Ben Please) are a unique duo who bring together the worlds of music and literature in an unexpected, and delightful way. Inspiring and ridiculously prolific, their music and enthusiasm inspires everyone they meet. They visited and stayed as part of the Wild Women Weeks, and we continue to collaborate. 

The Common People

The original salons were hosted at The Common, by Victoria Bennett, Adam Clarke, and the Wild Women Poets. Adam and Victoria went on to form The Common People, creating collaborations between poetry and digital technology. They have teamed up with The Bookshop Band to create What We Now Know, a moving response to the powerful poems in #MeToo: A Women's Poetry Anthology.