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Dear Wild and Wonderful Woman...

an invitation from the Wild Women

You know that voice that will not be quiet, even when you don't want to listen? You know that woman who will not sit back? You know that woman who paints bold brushstrokes across her life, who writes poems, who sings in the car and dances in the rain? You know that woman who you wonder if anyone will ever understand or accept? You know that howl, that belly laugh, that passion, that dream you have, deep in the heart of your breast? That is your wild woman. That is you!

Whether you are grey in the coat or still shedding the furs of youth, the wild woman lives in every woman. She is your unique fire, your beauty, your wonder-filled self. 

Wild Women workshops and gatherings are places to let that Wild Woman shine!

Workshops and Events

We advertise all workshops and events through our Wild Women Press Facebook Page & Twitter


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