Wild Women Press
a wild life
“...dare to dream...”
The love-child of Victoria Bennett and Adam Clarke, Wild Women has gone through many life-cycles since its birth in 1999, when Vik woke up one morning and said “I  had a dream last night and I know what we have to do!” 

Since that strange  conception, Wild Women and the press has shape-shifted through many guises.

Our Wild, Wild Ways...

Be...foolish - the fool is the wise one who dares to take the first step towards her bliss.

Be...honest - in loving, living and creating.

Be...powerful - take charge of your own destiny. Anything is possible!

Be...playful - creative and spontaneous expression unlocks the spirit. Who said growing up was giving up?

Be...generous - love increases the more you give it.

Be...sexy - celebrate your voice, your dreams, your sexuality and enjoy the beauty and sensuality of living.

Be...responsible - act from a place of love and respect - this world can be a better place just by you being in it.

Be...YOU - that is the wildest thing you can do - sing your own song!

For us, the creative spirit of the Wild Woman is paramount, whether you are female or male! Our  belief is the individual ability to affect positive change  through direct creative action. We are independent and not for profit. Together, we run the Press voluntarily, with help along the way from our wild friends.  Please support our work any way you can, and help us keep life wild!