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Series One - Collections

Series One is a vibrant and stylish set of collections from our Wild Women Press Poets, bringing together four diverse and contemporary voices in four beautiful books.

Fragile Bodies - Victoria Bennett

Internet Love Slut - Gill Hands

This Reckless Beauty - Rhiannon Hooson

Green Dusk for Dreams - Ruth Snowden

Wild Women Press publish words that shine, words that are born the wild way. We have an ethos of direct creative action. We do everything but the printing ourselves (we use a local small printer with the appropriate name of Cerberus!) We have small print runs of unique poetry and re-invest all sales back into our projects.

Our publications celebrate the wild voices of the poets from our collective, as well as the women (and sometimes men) who have shared in our creative adventures over the years. All are voices of love and honest inspiration. Wild Women Press: a poetry press with a wild mission!
Howl at the Moon
1999/reprint 2000
Writings by Wild Women

Ed. ViKKi Bennett

Hot Pot Of Passion
1999/reprint 2000
A Sensual celebration of food
Wild Women Poems, recipes & spells from the original Wild Women group (1999 - 2004)

Ed. Julie Stebbings

Anchoring the Light 

Anchoring the Light is the first full length publication from the founder of Wild Women/Wild Women Press, and won its author a Mind Award for promoting positive mental health awareness.
Victoria BennettAnchoring%20the%20Light.htmlshapeimage_10_link_0
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The 3am Club

An all-new anthology from Wild Women Press, showcasing five emerging young poets, alongside three of the original Wild Women. 
(Ed) Victoria Bennett
Lewis Baker, Victoria Bennett, John Challis, Sarah Gasson, Gill Hands, Ed Lomax, Ruth Snowden, Oliver Turrell http://www.wildwomenpress.com/Site/Shop.htmlshapeimage_12_link_0

In 2006, Victoria Bennett spent 40 days and 40 nights in an enclosed Franciscan monastery as part of the BBC documentary The Convent. She wrote a poem each day. Fragments collects together these 40 poems. 

Victoria Bennett
Read extracts from her journals in The Convent Diaries.Fragments.htmlThe%20Convent%20Diaries.htmlshapeimage_13_link_0shapeimage_13_link_1
Byron Makes His Bed

Acerbic, full-bodied and unashamedly passionate, in Byron Makes His Bed we find the voice of a modern-day troubadour, singing her heart out.

Victoria Bennett

Rilke Tattoo

Written during an intense bout of hypergraphia, Rilke Tattoo is a rare chance to peek inside a poet’s head. With an all star cast featuring Rilke in a frock, Dylan, Satan, Minotaurs, Wallace & Gromit, polyphonic starlings and midnight rambling hooded spirits, this collection is original, insightful, and wonderfully weird.

Gill Hands

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