Wild Community
Wild Women Press is more than a poetry press. Over the last seven years, we have met and shared words, wine, music and merriment with women and men from around the globe. The thing about Wild Women is that the art is a way of life.  We look forward to many more gatherings!
Our community of participants, poets, authors and artists continuously evolves. To find out a bit more about our poets and founders, click below.
Here are some of the wild people we have had the privilege of working with since we began...
Inua ‘Phaze’ Ellams - Poet 2007
Paddy Rogan - Singer Songwriter 2007
Jack Hartley - Singer Songwriter 2007
Rob Heron - Singer Songwriter 2007
Kara Steele - Egyptian Dancer 2007
Segun Lee French - Poet/Jazz Singer 2006
Troubadours of Divine Bliss - New Orleans Duo 2005
Maurice Riordan - Poet 2005
Katharina Heinrich - Jazz Singer/Pianist 2005
Geoffrey Chacaro - Concert Pianist 2004/5
Aislinn Hunter - Poet/Author 2005
The Neo Spinsters - U.S Performance Poet Trio 2004
Mitzi Szereto - Erotic Author 2004
Jackie Kay - Poet/Author 2004
Jilly Jarman - Musician/Singer 2002
Tina Valois - Egyptian Dancer 2001
Shonaleigh - Storyteller 2000
Patience Agbabi - Performance Poet 2000
Helena Peilichaty - Children’s Author 2000
Julia Darling - Poet/Author 2000
Jo Shapcott - Poet 2000
Katrina Porteous - Poet 1999
Pascale Konyn - Storyteller 1999/2001
Linda France - Poet 1999
Wild Community
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