Wild Projects
Wild Women supports creative and individual freedom. Over the last 8 years, Victoria Bennett has initiated and facilitated residencies, poetry tours, live events, workshops, on-line projects and publishing ventures, to name a few. Along with the  original Wild Women, and the Wild extended family, we have introduced over 1500 participants to the Wild Way, worked with many international artists, created thousands of words, hours of music and lifetimes of love, inspiration and friendship. We thought we would share a few of these with you...there is not enough room to include them all! All our projects have been made possible by the kind donation of time, facilities and money of all those involved in Wild Women over the years - members, volunteers, friends, family, partners, artists and performers, as well as the periodic support of funders such as Northern Arts, North West Arts, Cumbria County Council, Eden District Council, Cumbria Community Foundation, NCSP, Eden Arts Trust. Thanks go to all for making magic happen.
The Rowan Project
An estimated 250,000 women experience pregnancy loss in the UK ever year. This widely shared and often deeply traumatic experience is not something that is openly spoken of. The Rowan Project was a creative project initiated in 2006, aimed at both raising awareness of this experience, and offering creative healing spaces for those who shared this loss. A combination of on-line campaigning, internet sharing and creative activities, the project was managed and facilitated by Victoria Bennett and Adam Clarke, who lost their own child in pregnancy in 2003. The Rowan Project continues in 2007, to include the development of a free holistic pregnancy and miscarriage clinic in Cumbria. Vik has teamed up with Helen Bebbington, founder of the new holistic charity, Humanum, and together they plan to establish the Rowan Centre. Initially, this will offer a free holistic clinic to people who have experienced miscarriage/pregnancy loss, and those experiencing fertility/conception/pregnancy difficulties.In time though, the hope is to establish a holistic & creative pregnancy and parenting centre in the South Lakes, and encourage others to do the same in their areas!
We need support in setting up and running this centre. If you have treatment/healing rooms available that your could donate us, or can donate time/services/support in any other way, practical or financial, please email Vik, or donate direct to Wild Women  Press.  
We are also keen to hear from people who have shared this experience. If you would like to share with us your story, your poems or your personal experience, or lend your name in support of our cause, or simply want to make contact and find out more, please email Vik.
Together we can change this world.
For more information about The Rowan Project, please email: vik@wildwomenpress.com
“throbbingly good quality”
“the best fun I’ve ever had - ever!”
In partnership with Apples & Snakes, Wild Women Press hosted an all day Love Fest, beginning with a workshop with acclaimed guest writer, performer and director Sonia Hughes. The mission: to explore love in the context of writing for performance. The bold wild women who took part shared their poems with our Love Fest audience that very same evening - now that is what we call doing it the wild way! A fantastic day was had by all, and under the gentle guidance of Sonia the words flowered on the invisible air.
The evening saw a Wild Style party of word magic, music, dance and delight! Wild Women Poets Vik & Gill were joined by an array of beautiful guests, with music from the impossibly talented and young-blooded Rob Heron, Paddy Rogan and Jack Hartley and gorgeous Egyptian dance from Kara Steele. On top of that, we were joined by our lovely friend Inua Phaze Ellams, who we first met when performing at Glastonbury 2005. We promised then to bring him up to the lakes to share his mesmerising and beautiful being - well, it only took 18 months, but we did it! And it was worth it...
Plus of course, chocolates, party balloons, love hearts, sparkles, wild spells and time to boogie...it was a wonderful evening and we also managed to raise £161 for the Rowan Project through our Big Love Raffle!
So, a big thanks to all those who came and performed, for sharing the art of their hearts, and to all those who shared the evening in the spirit of love and connection - you were all great! A big thanks also to Ann Wilson of Apples & Snakes North West, for her support in the partnership, and to Linda Graham and all at the Brewery Arts Centre, for helping make the event possible. Wild Thanks!!
Wild Women Salons
Since May 2004, we have been hosting our very special Salon Weekends. Returning to the Romance of the 19th Century, we have opened our home to visiting artists from across the globe. Over a weekend, in exchange for home-cooked food, creative comfort and beautiful scenery, the artists share their words and music with fellow Wild Women poets, as well as invited dreamers, Fools and creative adventurers. This is a chance for magic to happen in the candlelight, creating collaborations, inspirations and joy. Hosted by The Common People, in conjunction with Wild Women Press, the salons are a wonderful treat for all, but we need to find the funds to continue. See our Salons page for more information.
Over the last 7 years, we have published 11 titles, including 4 first collections, 3 group anthologies showcasing new poets from our stable and 3 further fantastic collections from our collective members. In addition, we have also published work on-line, and on CD/DVD. We believe in honouring the value of the words with beauty and, like everything we do, we aim for the highest quality and maximum creative satisfaction . Adam is our resident designer and technologist and his talent and dedication creates gorgeous, quality products, inside and out.  Just think what we could do with extra funds!
Wild Women Workshops
A series of different workshops over the years, bringing poetry together with music, dance, singing, bread baking, lantern making, folklore & magic, tarot and dreamwork, massage and aromatherapy, performance, drumming, Feng Shui and much more. These workshops have been facilitated by members of the Wild Women group and visiting artists and practitioners.
Writing Down the Bones
The very first project, facilitated by Victoria Bennett, bringing together the original Wild Women poets in an exploration and celebration of their wild woman voice. This project involved writers and non-writers in a series of 10 poetry workshops, leading to a performance and publication of the first ever Wild Women Press anthology, sell-out success Howl at the Moon.
A county-wide tour of visiting women poets and writers, performing and leading workshops across Cumbria.
Eden Song
An ambitious project involving 16 women from rural Eden, Eden Song was a creative project enabling women to experience music, song-making and performance, within the context of poetry. writing from their own experiences, the group created a complete Song Cycle, with words, visuals, music and performance, in just 10 weeks. With a little bit of blood, sweat, swearing and tears, and a lot of joy, we did it. Every person performed, even those who had never done so before (which turned out to be mostly all) and the show was put on at Penrith Theatre, to an audience of 250 people! Facilitated and managed by Victoria Bennett, along with co-artist, musician Jilly Jarman.