Byron Makes His Bed
Byron Makes His Bed
Victoria Bennett
‘These are poems of sex and death, haunted by the shades of Lord Byron and Sylvia Plath.  Desire and sensual pleasure is both redeemer and destroyer, tender and violent. ‘Mad, bad and dangerous to know’ like Byron before her, Victoria Bennett maps their unreliable, seductive boundaries.’
Linda France
Acerbic, full-bodied and unashamedly passionate, in Byron Makes His Bed we find the voice of a modern-day troubadour, singing her heart out.
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ISBN  0-9554172-0-1
“...Victoria Bennett is a rare talent; crazy enough to love the dark side of the clubfooted meandering genius Byron and with the poetic wherewithal to write of it with an elegant sexiness, great depth of understanding and an almost casual panache...I bet Byron himself would have been delighted with Victoria Bennett's wild women poems. They may sell-out faster than ice-cold sushi so better play safe and order one today.”
Byron’s Great Escape
I am trying to go back
to a place
where it was only flesh,
only pleasure.
In my attempt to find deliverance,
I have created words
that fill each silence
with their whining
until I am weak with the effort,
each night sat up,
soothing their infant colic
with nursery rhymes.
In daylight they fly out,
carefree and unaware
of the price they exact –
but I know.
The slow
onto the page;
the way the spaces grow
into mouths,
and hungry.
the book