Fragile Bodies
Fragile Bodies
Victoria Bennett
        'These remarkable poems achieve a
        restrained lyric intensity,
        maintaining a delicate balance
        between the sadness of the body and
        its tenderly recuperative
        Maurice Riordan
        June 2004 32pp
        ISBN 0 9536989 4 7
Poem 5
Why is it so hard to write this?
Your syrup skin
against the midnight jasmine.
How my body screams for you.
Poem 16
They say:
the structure is growing somewhere else.
They tell me:
the womb is empty.
I look, straining to see
the pinprick heart
that will tell me
you have stayed.
There is nothing;
only space
and water
and longing.
the book
A short poetry film by Vik, from Fragile Bodies. First posted Nov 2005 @ thecommonpeople.blogspot.comhttp://thecommonpeople.blogspot.comshapeimage_3_link_0