Green Dusk for Dreams
Green Dusk for Dreams
Ruth Snowden
‘...a journey into another world; one of magic and mysticism, touching without being sentimental...These poems contain within them the basic truths we know about life and death...all the time there is a sense of optimism that makes you feel hungry for life, brave enough to throw away that which is no longer of use,’
Maureen Almond
June 2004 48pp
ISBN 0 9536989 6 3
Some additional information...
Green Dusk for Dreams is Ruth’s first full length collection. She was one of the original members of the Wild Women writing group.
We Slugs
are mysterious creatures.
Clad in black, we glide
towards your lettuces,
our minds intent on vegetation.
There again, sometimes orange,
violet, or luminous green
is the colour for our livery.
The choice is ours - it serves
esoteric purposes that are
none of your business.
You say we are low life -
judge us as uninteresting.
It is your right
to kill us without thought;
pour salt on writhing bodies;
snip us in half; poison us;
or grind us back, with
Wellington boots, to the earth
from which we came.
But wait! Observe our delicate horns,
our gentle souls
which bear no malice.
We are the stuff of death;
the transformation of things.
Our glistening trail in moonlight
is your clue to where we are bound.
We come from a world of stillness;
night messages, the stars.
(Ruth Snowden, pp. 38)
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