Rilke Tattoo
Rilke Tattoo
Gill Hands
Written during an intense bout of hypergraphia, Rilke Tattoo is a rare chance to peek inside a poet’s head. With an all star cast featuring Rilke in a frock, Dylan, Satan, Minotaurs, Wallace & Gromit, polyphonic starlings and midnight rambling hooded spirits, this collection is original, insightful, and wonderfully weird.
‘Sharp, witty, charismatic, surreal and surprising: the poems are imaginative, playful, hallucinogenic and always take themselves with a pinch of salt as they explore the myth of the poet, the nature of art, and the fine line between creativity and madness. These poems explode with energy as the reader takes a trip into a whole other world. A world the poet convinces us was always there if we only opened our eyes.
Poet or visionary? Who cares? I'll have what she's having.’
                    Angela Readman
UK £5  RRP
ISBN  0-9536989-9-8
“...A hilarious surreal collection...poems that make you laugh and think at the same time...”
Dead Muse’s Society
Wherever THE POET goes
she finds Rilke got there first
and is thinking her thoughts.
He is in The Poetics of Space
polishing a wardrobe;
in the introduction to Gilgamesh
telling her it is the epic of the fear of death.
In every book she reads about writing,
he is always telling the young poet
not to worry about being published.
Which was fine for him to say,
he casually mentions he had thirteen books
published by the time he was twenty eight.
THE POET thinks he was a smug bastard,
but she loves him anyway.
the book