Wild Folk
Vik has published in various journals and has performed her poetry across the UK. In 2002, she was awarded the Andrew Waterhouse Poetry Award and a Masters in Creative Writing (Poetry) from Lancaster University.
Her poetry appears in all the Wild Women anthologies. She has four collections, Anchoring the Light (1999), Fragile Bodies (2004) and Fragments (2006) and Byron Makes His Bed (2006), all published by Wild Women Press. Fragments was written during 40 days and nights in a Franciscan Poor Clare monastery, as part of BBC2 documentary The Convent.
Her poetry is described as
 'daring and intimate'
(Orbis Magazine).
She uses her creativity to open the heart and spirit to love and she intends to keep growing old disgracefully!
Victoria Bennett

was born in 1971 and spent the first 5 years of her life living next door to Byron’s house, overlooking Lake Geneva, where she was possessed by the spirit of the wayward lord! She now dwells in a dilapidated 19thC manor house in the Lake District, with Adam, Simon and the illustrious Madame Boudicca. Her motto is LOVE, INTEGRITY, PLEASURE, SENSUALITY.  She founded Wild Women 
Press in 1999. 

Since then she has been
causing delightful 
merriment amidst 
the hills.